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Experiences on the Amalfi Coast

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Wine & Gastro

Tasting of delicious typical products in an ancient Masseria


This tour will introduce you to the history and authenticity of the excellent products of the Sorrento Peninsula. Enjoy a walk among vegetables, animals, vines, beehives for the production of honey, the centuries-old olive grove D.O.P. and the lemon grove I.G.P.

Discover the old family wine cellar and the secrets of preparing a tasty limoncello.

This will be followed by a tasting of typical products such as D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil, salami, cheese, honey and more.

Opportunity to have lunch or dinner with home-made dishes based on organic products.

Opening hours: 10 a.m. or 4 p.m.      Duration: 2-3 hours approx.

Costiera Amalfitana cooking class


Discover local cuisine with this earth-to-plate experience, including a visit to a typical terraced gardens of the Amalfi Coast and a four-course cooking class. You will pick fresh ingredients straight from the garden and prepare typical dishes with the help of experienced chefs, such as “Acciughe innamorate” typical anchovy recipe, “alla Nerano” spaghetti and lemon tiramisu. Then sit back and enjoy the prepared lunch with excellent local wine.

Duration: approx. 4 hours.

Great cooking experience: pizza napoletana!


You will learn the tricks for cooking “pizza napoletana”. The lesson starts with the preparing of the dough, continues with the topping and ends with baking in a real wood-fired oven.

The menu includes: Olive oil tasting, Mozzarella tasting, Pizza

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Food and Wine Tour by Bike


The food and wine bike tour will lead you to discover enchanting corners of the Sorrento Peninsula: ancient mule tracks, small villages surrounded by nature and overlooking breathtaking views. Between one bike ride and the next, you will stop at an Agritourist Farm where you will see first-hand the production of Mozzarella and Caciottine cheese with tasting of cold meats and cheeses, including the renowned Provolone del Monaco D.O.P. You will taste real fresh homemade lemonade, lemon and orange jams and extra virgin olive oil on homemade bread.

Duration: approx. 5 hours.

Wine tours & wine tasting


In Tramonti, you will find the Amalfi Coast you never expected: unspoilt nature, centuries-old vineyards, churches and magical villages where time has stood still. In a historic 18th-century farmhouse surrounded by the greenery of the Monti Lattari regional park, in addition to the Costa D’Amalfi DOC wines you will taste the farm's own cheeses and salami, and other local, seasonal products. You will have an unforgettable experience discovering the lost tastes and flavours of the rural world.

Duration: 2 hours approx.

Discover the real 'Mozzarella di Bufala'


Enjoy a walk among grazing buffaloes. Learn about state-of-the-art milking techniques to preserve animal welfare and the secrets of craftsmanship through a visit to the Museum of Rural Civilisation. The tour ends with a tasting of dairy products. The natural surroundings, the taste of mozzarella and the goodness of yoghurt transform this corner of Salerno into one of the most beautiful testimonies of the "Belpaese".

Duration: 2-3 hours approx.

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Art & Culture

Pompeii Archaeological Site


Explore the ruins of Pompeii on a guided tour and go back to the days of the Roman Empire. You will learn how the city was buried under ash and lava by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Your guide will bring the Roman Republic to life for an intense experience as you discover remarkably intact structures and learn how the Romans lived both in public and in private. Pompeii, an ancient Roman city once inhabited by more than ten thousand people, with its splendid temples, noble buildings and theatres, boasts UNESCO World Heritage status, awarded in 1997. Inside the site you can admire the forum, once the centre of the city's political and social life, where plaster casts of the city's ancient inhabitants are on display. Visit the buildings and houses to admire the splendid decorations, mosaics, paintings and everyday objects.

Duration 3 hours

Ercolano Archaeological Site

Herculaneum (Ercolano)

Meet your private guide in Herculaneum for a tour of the archaeological excavations. The city of Herculaneum was closer to Mount Vesuvius than Pompeii, and because of this, it was covered almost entirely with mud and lava, which allowed for greater preservation of its architecture and artistic heritage. Admire beautiful wall paintings and other masterpieces preserved in the homes of wealthy nobles, a reminder that Herculaneum was even wealthier than Pompeii. Discover new details about Roman culture as your guide uses the ruins of the city to bring to light the fervent life of the time, describing a typical day in those days, the role of the family, religious life with its various temples, cultures, beliefs and superstitions, and funeral rites.

Duration: 2 hours

Napoli (Naples): historic centre and the Veiled Christ

Naples (Napoli)

With the help of your guide, discover the historical centre of Naples starting from Piazza Bellini, where you can admire the remains of the ancient Greek walls. Continue along Via dei Tribunali, the Decumano Maggiore of ancient Neapolis and one of the most lively and rich streets in Naples. Admire the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore alla Pietrasanta with its Romanesque bell tower, and the mysterious church of Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco. A few steps away, discover the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore and the Duomo, where the miraculous blood of San Gennaro, the city's beloved patron saint, is preserved. Return to Spaccanapoli, the lower decumanus, and take a stroll among the teeming, characteristic Neapolitan shops. Discover the marvellous Basilica of San Domenico Maggiore, which, together with the square of the same name, creates a truly extraordinary view. The last stop will be the precious San Severo Chapel: admire the Veiled Christ and listen to the guide's narration for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Duration: 2-3 hours approx.

Napoli (Naples): Diego Maradona tour

Naples (Napoli)

Football lovers, let's go! We will meet at the San Carlo Theatre in the historic centre of Naples, where we will start a walking tour in the footsteps of the famous Argentinean footballer Diego Armando Maradona. We will go to Piazza del Plebiscito and walk through the Galleria Umberto I, then into the Quartieri Spagnoli, crossing Vico Lungo Gelso and Via Emanuele De Deo, streets full of photographs, altars and statues dedicated to this great figure of international football.  We will talk about how Maradona became a mass idol in the capital of Campania after Napoli won the UEFA Cup in the late 1990s: a historic event for Neapolitans! Moreover, we will go to the Bar del Nilo, known as 'the temple of Maradona', where a bottle with the footballer's tears is even kept. It is no coincidence that this football legend is said to be almost a god to Neapolitans...Strolling through the streets of the centre, our guide will tell us various interesting facts about Maradona's life and we will look at murals depicting the footballer. We will take beautiful photos! The tour ends at Piazzetta Maradona.

Duration 1h30

Napoli (Naples): the main attractions

Meet in Piazza del Municipio and, from here, begin a guided tour of Naples that will lead you to discover the city's noble and elegant past as you contemplate some of its most emblematic monuments. After observing the Naples City Hall, you will reach the Maschio Angioino, whose origins date back to the 13th century. Next stop is the San Carlo Theatre. You will observe its neoclassical façade. You will then travel to the time of the Belle Époque, to admire some representative examples of this era, including the Gambrinus café and the Galleria Umberto I, a perfect combination of fashion boutiques and restaurants. Also, at the halfway point, stop at a traditional bar in the Quartieri Spagnoli to sample delicious typical Neapolitan products. You will then continue to Piazza del Plebiscito, where you can admire the Royal Palace, the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, and several sculptures of ancient Neapolitan kings. You will walk along the promenade with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples, with the imposing Vesuvius in the background. The itinerary will end at Castel dell'Ovo, one of the city's oldest fortresses.

 Duration: 2 hours

Reggia di Caserta


Walk through the beautiful park, where you can admire sculptures inspired by classical mythology, fountains, pools and waterfalls. Visit the English Garden, built by Maria Carolina, wife of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, and immerse yourself in the colours of its native and exotic plants. Afterwards, get ready to explore the interior of the palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Be enchanted by the 1,200 rooms, 134 staircases and countless stuccoes, bas-reliefs, frescoes, sculptures and inlaid floors. Finally, walk down the Scala Regia to reach the Royal Apartments and visit the Throne Room and the Bourbon rooms to conclude the tour.

Duration: 3 hours

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Nature & Wild Life

Hiking Tour Capri and Anacapri


Explore the paths along the island's rocky walls, walking through the island's lush vegetation and overlooking dreamy views.

The tour will allow you to admire the different botanical species and some bird species typical of this land. The panoramic views will be unforgettable, with the Sorrento Peninsula close by and the whole show of the Gulf of Naples. You will admire the lively Capri, known for its glamour and luxury, and Anacapri, a small, quiet village on the slopes of Monte Solaro, which offers spectacular views.

Duration: 3-4 hours approx.

Capri Forts Trail


A long route of rare beauty runs along the western coast of the island of Capri, to discover the intense perfumes and colours of the Mediterranean maquis. Among sculptural promontories and bays as deep as fjords with turquoise waters, are the forts that give this path its name. This path is practically an open-air museum, which is why it was declared the world's first ecomuseum. This route will give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural charm of the west coast of the island.

Duration: 3-4 hours approx.

Amalfi Coast by E-bike


Enjoy a ride among friends with an expert guide in the beautiful setting of the Amalfi Coast.

Enjoy a panoramic tour overlooking the coast, tailor-made for you!

Duration 3-5 hours approx.

Sorrento E-bike tour & Limoncello tasting


An E-bike tour to discover the ancient roads of the Sorrento Peninsula, between Sorrento and Massa Lubrense. The route runs among the olive and lemon groves typical of the area. Ride surrounded by greenery and the sounds of nature, away from the chaos and typical tourist routes.

Stop at a lemon grove farm where you will taste one of the iconic products of the Sorrento peninsula: Limoncello, strictly prepared with the Sorrento IGP lemon following the traditional recipe.

An experience not to be missed!

Duration: 2 hours approx.

“Sentiero degli Dei” trekking


Let yourself be guided on a fabulous trekking excursion, an unforgettable trail. It is no coincidence that its name is Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods). This excursion itinerary from Agerola to Positano links myths, legends, history and nature, crosses corners of inestimable beauty, and offers the possibility of walking on rocky slopes between sky and sea, crossing ancient vertical terraces overlooking Positano.

Duration: 3 hours approx.

Excursion to Punta Campanella

Massa Lubrense

A special walk with a view of the island of Capri to discover ancient stories, from the Oscans to the Romans. The path is easy and flat and skirts the sea on one side and small vegetable gardens and olive groves on the other. The ancient Roman road, Via Minerva, will guide you from Termini to the end point of the peninsula, called Punta Campanella, the link between the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, which seems to rejoin the island of Capri. Punta Campanella is also a land of history and legends: according to the Odyssey, Ulysses met the bewitching Sirens here, the Greeks erected a temple to the goddess Athena, later converted by the Romans to the cult of the goddess Minerva. The remains of Minerva's sanctuary and a Saracen tower can be found here.

Duration: approx. 4 hours.

Procida walking tour


Characterised by pastel-coloured small houses and small bays with a crystal-clear sea, Procida is a small island in the Gulf of Naples that captures all visitors by its uniqueness. On this tour you will discover the island by foot, exploring the ancient alleyways, farmhouses and fishermen's houses to reach the ancient town of Torre Casata, later called Terra Murata, and the village of Corricella, where Massimo Troisi's famous movie 'Il postino' was filmed.

Duration: 2-3 hours approx.

“Pizzi Bianchi” trekking


The walk from Pizzi Bianchi to Maronti beach starts from the highest town on the island, Serrara Fontana, crossing the island from north to south. Along the way, you will pass through a valley of 'Pizzi Bianchi', rock formations of calcareous origin that form pinnacles of white tuff, a true lunar landscape where nature becomes art. After passing through the valley, you will descend along a canyon and pass by the ancient thermal baths of Cava Scura, carved into the rock, an evocative place that witnesses the passage of ancient civilisations. The trail ends at Maronti beach and its fumaroles.

Duration: 2-3 hours approx.

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Snorkeling & Diving

Snorkelling with marine biologist at Punta Campanella


Join the marine biologist to explore the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts: you will be surprised by the exceptional concentration of biodiversity and the wealth of species that inhabit the surface waters. You will swim in the coast's most beautiful bays where, with mask and flippers, you will discover the magnificent seabed of the Punta Campanella Protected Marine Area. Swimming in this natural aquarium will be an unforgettable experience. Let yourself be guided by the marine biologist who will show you the coast and seabed.

Duration: 3 to 5 hours.

Baptism of the Sea in Sorrento


Have you always dreamt of diving, but don't have a certification? Thanks to the 'Sea Baptism in Sorrento' tour, you can take your first scuba dive guided by an experienced instructor. You will admire the beautiful seabed of the Sorrento coastline. An unforgettable experience.

Duration: 3 hours

Boat tour and diving


Get ready to discover the underwater beauty of the Sorrento Coast, Punta Campanella and the Amalfi Coast. Unique biodiversity, numerous caves, ravines and cavities where the sunlight will show you all the shades of blue and green among the yellow sponges and white gorgonians. There will be no shortage of sightings of schools of fish looking for food, and with a bit of luck you will see amberjacks, mackerel and tuna. You can choose to do a single or double dive.

Duration: 3 or 5 hours.

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Ischia Tour & Negombo Thermal Park


Discover the volcanic island of Ischia, its many springs and thermal parks!The Negombo thermal park, in the scenic San Montano Bay in Lacco Ameno, is one of the most visited parks on the island. The park is a perfect combination of modern art installations, lush plants and 14 pools of different sizes and temperatures. There is also a private beach with sun beds and umbrellas, whirlpools, a beauty and wellness centre, restaurants and bars.The tour with a stop at the Negombo thermal park starts at 10:00/10:30 a.m. from the port of Ischia.You will pass through the different towns and villages of the island by taxi, with stops at the most picturesque locations such as the village of Ischia Ponte and the Aragonese castle, the Maronti beach viewpoint, the village of Fontana, and a stop to visit the village of Sant'Angelo on foot. After visiting Sant'Angelo you will cross Forio and its harbour with the famous Torrione and the Belvedere of Punta Caruso. Around 13:30 you will arrive at Negombo Park where you can have lunch and relax in the thermal water pools. In the afternoon, return to the port.

Duration: approx. 6 hours (3-hour tour + 3-hour thermal park)

Ischia Tour & Poseidon Thermal Park


The Poseidon Gardens are the largest thermal complex on the island of Ischia, located in the enchanting Citara Bay, known since Roman times for its numerous volcanic springs. The park covers a large surface area with about 20 pools (both outdoor and indoor), whirlpools, waterfalls, Kneipp paths, natural saunas and a wellness centre equipped for various types of beauty and thermal treatments. A large beach equipped with sun loungers and parasols is available to guests visiting the park.The tour starts in the morning from the port of Ischia. The guided tour includes several stops in the most scenic areas of the island with detailed explanations on the history of Ischia by a local guide. A stop of about 30 minutes is scheduled in the village of Sant'Angelo, characterised by narrow, colourful alleys. Around 13:00 you will reach the Poseidon thermal park where you can have lunch and relax in the warm thermal water pools for about 3 hours. In the afternoon, we will continue the tour around the island until we arrive back at the port of Ischia.

Duration: about 6 hours

Ischia tour with Fumarole beach and spa

The tour starts in the morning from the port of Ischia, where you will be picked up by private taxi. You will pass through the different towns of the island with several photo stops at the most scenic spots, such as the Aragonese Castle, Lacco Ameno, the bay of Citara, and the centre of Forio. You will visit the village of Sant'Angelo on foot and, from the centre of the village, take a footpath to the fumarole beach (20-minute walk).The fumarole beach is an incredible place, where the sand reaches 200°C. It is known for therapeutic treatments such as 'sandbathing', useful for curing arthritis and rheumatism, or for cooking food under the sand with only the heat of the volcanic spring.After a photo stop at the Fumarole beach, you will continue on your way to an agritourism with a panoramic view of Sant'Angelo and the beach. The agritourism is equipped with a thermal facility (2 hot thermal water pools and two natural cave saunas) where you will spend about two hours for lunch and a spa.After the stop, you will continue the tour of the island visiting the Maronti beach, Barano, until you arrive at Ischia porto.

Duration 7h30

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