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Team building & Incentive in sailing

The sailboat offers the opportunity to tune in with others, create new relationships and consolidate existing ones. A corporate sailing event is a unique opportunity!

Aladar Sail

Team building on a sailboat: a metaphor for teamwork

The sailboat offers the opportunity to understand if a team works well together. The roles are flexible. In sailing it is also important to be able to contextualize where you are to define the route to follow. All this surrounded by the sea, with its breeze and breathtaking scenery. It’s an activity that takes place in a new environment, out of daily habit, free from conditioning and engaging by manifesting its own communication and problem solving qualities. At the end of this experience, interpersonal communication skills will improve and leadership skills will emerge.

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Incentive travel

An incentive trip by sailboat allows you to get to know each other in an informal, stimulating atmosphere, capable of creating a deep team spirit, leaving plenty of room for moments of relaxation and fun. A unique opportunity to combine training with strong and unforgettable emotions.

Aladar Sail

Plan your next sailing event

Whether it’s an incentive trip or a team building your event will be a unique experience aboard new boats equipped with all the comforts, a friendly and professional crew and attentive service on board.

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